About us


Darjeeling Press is an independent publishing house. Our goal is to publish books on Ancient Wisdom and modern spirituality to inform and inspire people on the path to higher consciousness.

We are based in a mountain valley in North America’s Rocky Mountains that brings to mind the Himalayas and the ancient focuses of light there.



The image on our masthead is from Kanchenjunga, a painting by Nicholas Roerich (1944). The name of the holy mountain translates to “The Five Treaures of Snows,” referring to the five peaks of the mountain, which is a majestic presence over the town of Darjeeling. Roerich wrote of the peak in Treasure of the Snows (1928):

The homage to Kanchenjunga from the simple people does not surprise you, because in it you see not superstition, but a real page of poetic folklore. This folk-reverence of natural beauties has its counterpart in the lofty heart of the sensitive traveller who, enticed by the inexpressible beauties here, is ever ready to barter his city life for the mountain peaks. For him, this exalted feeling has much the same meaning as has the conquering dance of the guardian of the mountains, and the bevy of archers who stand vigilant, ready to guard the beauties of Kanchenjunga.