Neroli Duffy   Neroli Duffy

Neroli Duffy is a former medical doctor who practiced in Australia and also in England. In 1989 she moved to America to live in Montana’s Rocky Mountains, where she met and married her husband, Peter (who is also originally from Australia).

At that time Neroli left the field of medicine and became an instructor with Summit University, which was founded by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a pioneer in the New Age movement. Neroli has traveled all over the world delivering seminars on higher consciousness and the Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

A minister and a writer, Neroli is also active in mentoring youth and serves as a volunteer mediator in her local community. In her spare time she likes to make rosaries out of crystal and gemstones as focuses of light to assist people in their spiritual practice. She lives in Montana’s Paradise Valley.

Neroli has published six books, including The Practical Mystic: Life-Lessons from Conversations with Mrs. Booth and Wanting to Be Free: A Spiritual Approach to Addiction and Recovery



Annice Booth   Annice Booth

For more than 40 years Annice Booth was a student and close personal friend of Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, pioneers in the New Age movement. During those years she has gained a wealth of knowledge of the spiritual path.

Annice was a white-ray personality, disciplined and very dedicated to the the spiritual path. She lives on in the memory of the thousands of people whose lives she touched as an instructor at Summit University, as a minister, and through her books.

She wrote three herself: The Path to Your Ascension, Secrets of Prosperity and Memories of Mark. She was also the compiler and editor for many more books containing the teachings of Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The Practical Mystic, by Neroli Duffy, contains her biography as well as vignettes of her life with Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. Click on the link below to download the biography, which includes many pictures taken throughout her life.

Biography of Annice (pdf, 900kb)



Gene and Wanda Vosseler   Gene and Wanda Vosseler

Rev. E. Gene Vosseler was born into the Lutheran church and became a fourth-generation Lutheran minister. He served as a missionary in British Guiana, raised five children, and built a thriving church in Hawaii.

At the age of thirty-eight, he left the Lutheran church, explored Taoism, became a Unitarian minister for two years, was arrested with Joan Baez in an antiwar protest, studied under a Buddhist master, and built and lost a multimillion dollar corporation—all in a twelve-year search for spiritual truth.

At the age of fifty, Gene found the ascended masters and his spiritual teacher, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. He also met and married his twin flame, Wanda Rose. Gene says this was when his real life began. He travelled all over America and the world with a message of higher consciousness and was active in political and social issues in a number of national campaigns.

Gene and Wanda live in Bozeman, Montana.



Ralph Yaney   Dr. Ralph Yaney

Ralph Dickson Yaney is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who has been in practice for fifty years. He integrates formal training in psychoanalysis with esoteric tradition and the spiritual paths of East and West to empower people to fulfill their highest soul potential.

With his wife, Lucille, he is the founder and owner of the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon, one of the most magical and memorable restaurants in the Los Angeles area. He now lives and practices in Montana.